Friday, December 21, 2012

Well, it's been too long since the last post. So, for a quick update and some pieces of news from these parts.

Last week we were so blessed to have two groups of wonderful company, as I mentioned in the last post.  Hopefully, we'll have our computer difficulties fixed soon and I'll share some pictures.  Thank you to each one for making the effort to stop and see us on your trips home.  You were a blessing!  Look for pictures soon!

We got snow a couple nights ago which, as you can probably imagine, was a rather positive event in this household.  :-)

Ittai rolled over earlier this week for the first time!  He continues to be a joy.  His smiles and squeals  are so fun.  And that way he smiles and looks at you like he just likes you a lot could just melt your heart. He enjoys it when Clara and Hil play with him... and they enjoy it too!  You should hear him squealing.  When both baby and big sibling are having fun, it's hard for Mommy to know when to say something or calm things down and protect the little guy. They're both having a great time and you don't want to stop them from playing with little brother, but......

Ok, now for a Hilkiah line.  When it's getting to be meal time, but things aren't yet ready, Hil will often eagerly jump the gun and start calling people to the table with "Suppee Time!"  And lunch can be "suppee time" too!

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