Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Look Into Our Day: For Monday, January 21

"Ism" of the Day: Today it's a Hilkiah - ism and it's a conversation we had on our walk back from the playground:

H "Why that kid ride the bike?"

Me "I don't know"

H "Why that kid ride the bike?"

Me "It's not a kid it's a lady" (Looked like a Grandma)

H "Why that kid ride a bike?"

Me "I don't know.  It wasn't a kid it's a lady."

H  " Why that lady ride a bike?"

Me "I don't know.  Maybe she wanted to go somewhere."

H "Why she want to go somewhere?"

Me  " I don't know.  Maybe she wanted to go to the store or something."

H "Why go to store?"

Yep.  We've reached THAT stage!  Our hearts, brains and patience may have a new way to be stretched in the next few months!

A Blessing from the Lord:  Sunshine after a cloudy morning.

Challenge:  A particular one of my kidos seeming to fuss and cry today, just about every time I turn around.

I Was Encouraged By:  The book "The Normal Christian Life" by Watchman Nee.  There were parts that really jumped out to me!

Clara Enjoyed:  Going to the playground... after we turned around, went back to the house and got her more thoroughly bundled up for the freezing weather.

Hil Enjoyed:  Playground!

Food For Thought:  "'In thy light shall we see light" (Psalm 36:9): we shall know something; we shall be clear about something; we shall see.  No turning within, no introspective self-examination will ever bring us to that clear place.  No, it is when there is light coming from God that we see.

I think it is so simple.  If we want to satisfy ourselves that our face is clean, what do we do?  Do we feel it carefully all over with our hands?  No, of course not.  We find a mirror and we bring it to the light.  In that light everything becomes clear.  No sight ever came by feeling or analyzing   Sight only comes by the light of God coming in; and when once it has come, there is no longer need to ask if a thing is right or wrong.  We know.....

"'The entrance of thy words giveth light; it giveth understanding unto the simple' (Psalm 119.130 A.V.)"

Watchman Nee  "The Normal Christian Life"

I need to be reminded constantly to fix my eyes on Christ.  I'm one who is so tempted to fix my eyes on myself.... analyzing my thoughts, feelings, motives.  Way too much introspection!!!  Lord, help me fix my eyes on You and may Your light shine into every part of my life and chase away all the sin and darkness!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Gracie for the encouraging words! Praying for you, and looking forwards to hopefully more interaction in the near future (Feb. March ?)!!!
With lots of love,
Juliana K.