Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Special Day

My dear husband and I celebrated six years of marriage this last weekend.  What a privilege, joy, and truly a treat it has been to be Stephen's wife.

Our anniversary plans came about rather last minute... but turned out to be a very lovely time.  Stephen took me out to lunch while Mom and Dad M. watched the kids for us.  Later on in the afternoon, Mom and Dad dropped off the kidos and we took them to a local motel where we had booked a room and we enjoyed a wonderful evening of relaxing, spending time in the pool and hot tub, watching some TV, playing some games with the kidos, reading and chatting.  The next morning we even enjoyed a room service breakfast.... a truly unusual treat for us!

What a special time we all had.

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In the Mix said...

Happy Anniversary! (A little late.) Glad you guys had a good celebration.