Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Lovely Day

One week ago yesterday, I hit a major milestone... the first anniversary of my 29th birthday.

My daughter asked me how old I was going to be.  "30." I replied.  Her response was matter of fact.
"30.  That's old."  :-)  I love that girl.

I had a lovely day, full of special treats.  My Mom and Dad had sent me a pretty birthday package a few days before... I didn't have quite enough patience to wait for the big day to open it though. 

At lunch my handsome man came home on lunch break and took me out.  We fished up the date with coffee from our favorite shop.  My sweet sister-in-law, Heather, and her friend, Jessica, watched the kidos for us. 

I got a calls from a close friend, my Dad, and Randy and Raechel.

In the evening, Mom, Dad, Heather, Jessica, Win and all of our crew went out to eat.  We finished up at our house with cheesecake, gifts, tea, and chatting.  It was a blessed day with many gifts from the Lord.

Thank You, Father for 30 years of more blessings from Your hand then I could ever count. Thank You for the wonderful family, you gave me through birth and the precious family you gave me through marriage, and for the very best gift You could ever give, the life of Your Own dear Son!

Well, you might have thought the celebration was over, but the next day, Hilkiah discovered a rather good size box out front.  It was from my three dear sisters.  And here are a few pictures of the fun that happened as we discovered gifts for everyone!!!   Thank you, Aunties!  We've been enjoying the treasures!


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Joshua and Stephanie said...

A very late happy birthday...my time will be coming soon...so funny you said the anniversary of your 29th year, I started doing that after 25 because I thought 25 was a nice number...:-)