Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Gifts of Beauty and Design

Amazing.  I've seen butterflies here and there before.  And I've seen so many different kinds on this great video we have.  But seeing this beautiful creature in our backyard struck me so much... for one thing, it spoke to me of his awesome Creator, and the beauty He placed in this world.   If you can, blow up these pictures and check out the blue spots on the wings.  Each spot is not just a single spot, but many tiny ones and the over all look makes me think of the blue being spray painted on.  Beautiful. 

Could this have evolved from nothing?  No.  No, it could NOT.  There is no reason or way a butterfly could decide to give himself such beauty and design.  No way at all.  

And then today, we got another treat... getting to check out this big guy!!!

May the Creator receive the honor and glory He deserves.  He is the God of order, beauty and design.

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Raechel Ferguson said...

wow that's amazing! and your photography is great! such a great picture of the kids looking at the grasshopper. :)