Monday, December 2, 2013

Thank You, Lord Jesus, For The Preciousness

Precious moments.  I wonder if at times, the Lord just mercifully lifts the blinders of stress, troubles, other thoughts, etc., and let's us just see the preciousness of a moment.  Like today, while we were driving to the zoo, Hilkiah excitedly exclaims "Mom! I saw a shark!".  I struck me, for how much longer will that little boy be excitedly telling Mom about a painting of a shark that he sees out the window?  These "little guy" days pass so quickly.  The thought made me kind of sad. 

Then tonight as I was doing this or that Hilkiah says "when you are done with those dishes, can you hold me and read a book."  Awwwww.  Melt. 

Lord, I need You so much!  I need your enabling to enjoy and treasure these dear little moments, but to also look forward to the future ones you may give, as my babies grow up!  I also need Your enabling to STOP and take the time to hold them and read a book!  Thank You, so much, Lord Jesus, for giving me these precious little ones!!!

And before I say good night, I must share a cute Clara moment from last week.  Hilkiah was noisily rattling a tin with crayons, when big sis stepped in and firmly told him "Hilkiah. That is too loud for peoples nerves."  :-) 

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In the Mix said...

That is a girl after my own quiet loving heart. :)