Saturday, December 28, 2013

It's Beautiful!

"It's Beautiful!!!" has been the expression heard quite a few times out of Hilkiah's mouth.  There is something so incredibly precious about hearing a three year BOY exclaim "beautiful" while viewing a blooming flower!  We were given a video for Christmas called "God of Wonders", which does an excellent job of looking at various parts of the creation that surrounds us and explaining some of the unfathomable wonders and complexities of that creation. And the commentators again and again point out that all these incredible things we see around us should point us to our awesome Creator God and how infinitely greater He is then even His creation!  There is NO other possible way this amazing universe could have come to be! I recommend this video for everyone!

As we watched a section of the video last night about the complexity of plant life, many flowers were shown blooming.  Hilkiah exclaimed more then once about the "beautiful" flowers.  Once a rose was shown blooming and he said "I wish we could get one of those for you and Dad."  So precious. 

And at the store he and his sister were urging me to by a scented candle because they were so "beautiful"!!!  That was extra special because it wasn't a toy or candy they were asking for, but something more Mommy-ish. 

May our little boy grow up to be a godly, manly man, who also greatly enjoys God's beauty!

Thank You, Lord Jesus for Your incredibly beautiful creation and for the precious little man You have entrusted us with!

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