Monday, April 21, 2014


It's going on a month since I last posted!  Have I ever been negligent! Let me share at least a few random snippets from around here.

I'm around 11-12 weeks pregnant, and very ready to be done feeling icky.  If this is like our other pregnancies, pretty soon here, the nausea should be going away... maybe a few more weeks. It will be worth it.   I'm due to have my next visit with the midwife later this week.

We got to see Daniel and Sarah and fam, this past Friday, and have a family lunch together.  Clara had such a grand time with the cousins that afterwards she was saying that if her family died she wanted to get adopted by the cousins.  :-)

Ittai has been fighting nasty flu or something the last several days.  Poor little trooper.

Hilkiah, though not yet four, can put food away.  Sometimes, it's almost like there are TWO men in the house to feed.  Several mornings back, he consumed a whole piece of toast and THREE fried eggs. 

And guess what?!  I'm learning to sew!  I, who fought the idea when I was younger, am now learning... and enjoying it.  I met a lady a while back who is giving me free lessons.  She has been so kind, and encouraging and I've really enjoyed our times together.  We are tackling a dress for Clara as our first project.

I'll leave it at that for now.  I'll TRY to be much more faithful with my posting!

The Lord Jesus Christ has been so good to us.  We are blessed!

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