Thursday, March 27, 2014


When we go to homeschool coop Hilkiah likes to hang out with Ittai and Mom in the nursery and not go to the preschool class.  A few times though, he has gone to class, and two of the last times he has used this technique to let his teacher know he's done. He informs her:  "I hear my Mom calling me." :-) 

The other night, after being put to bed, Hilkiah came to the doorway of his room and said in his cute little voice "Guys, I can't sleep really much."

Now for a Clara sweetness.  My big girl came up to me out of the blue the other day and said "I hope you don't divorce this baby."  Too precious!  The correct word would be "miscarry".  :-)

About a week ago, Grandma M. had explained to Clara how Grandpa's water jet works.  That evening Clara decided to explain the process to company.  It was more wordy, with things being repeated, etc., but here's the basics of the explanation:
"You mix up water and sand or maybe dirt. And you put metal there and squirt it and it cuts it.  And Grandma said you shouldn't put your finger there!"

Ittai has some verbal cuteness too.  Today, I told his big brother to say "sorry"  to another little kid, and little Ty starts saying "Sauy. Sauy."

Our packages are truly blessings from the Lord!  They bring us such joy, laughter and precious moments!

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