Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Rewind Part 1

Last night I FINALLY download a BUNCH of pictures off my phone.  I'm thinking to do a series of "rewind" posts that share some of these snippets of life over the last few months.  We'll start with some of the most recent ones and work our ways backwards.  Sound like a plan?  Ok, here we go.

Daddy and the two older kidos went out on some hunting expeditions, each of them on different times.  We didn't end up getting a deer, but both kidos got adventure time with Dad.

Ittai could have gone, but didn't want to.  Still looks awfully cute in his hunter orange.  :-)

This fun one is from a night when both girls accompanied me on a grocery shopping trip.  "Car carts" are pretty popular in this family


Beautiful.  What an awesome Creator.
 And on the sunset note, Ittai has started noticing sunsets, and has called me to see them more them once. 

We were very blessed to enjoy special time with family over Thanksgiving.  Here's Clara and Hil spending time doing a craft with cousins and a friend day after Thanksgiving.  They had "Craft Friday" instead of "Black Friday".  :-)

And here's a little shot of  a school day.  Clara and Hil copying their memory verse and Ty doing a favorite of his: playing with play dough. 

Stay tuned for "Rewind Part 2"

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