Saturday, December 19, 2015

Rewind Part 2

 Stepping a little farther back in time with more moments from earlier this fall.  We'll start with this snap of brother and sister cuteness.  :-)

Next up, we have Clara and Hil's outfits for Pioneer Days.  Every year, right before Thanksgiving our home school group has a special morning where the kids get to do pioneer type activities, dress up if they want to, and everything culminates with a lunch that Dad's and Grandparents can join us for.  Both kidos wanted to dress up this year.  Unfortunately, Clara was getting over sickness, and had to miss the morning activities and just go to the lunch.  Boy, was she bummed.  Still got to dress up though. 

Though he didn't take the entire get-up pictured here, he was still a very good looking cowboy. 

Our boy lost his first tooth and the second isn't too far behind!  Haven't found a "pause" button on any of these kids yet.  They keep growing up!

Have I mentioned before that Ittai likes to line things up?  It's not on obsession, just a cute thing that happens every once in a while.

Zoo Time

Another school day shot:

More sweetness:

A couple posts back, Stephen shared a video from a date he had with Clara and Hil.  The littles and I had our own meal out.  These next two were taken then.  

From our house to yours, goodbye just for now.

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