Friday, April 14, 2017

Another Wedding! Yay!

So, weddings are like the measles.  Contagious.  About 5-6 years ago, three of my bros got married within a year of each other.  Then, the years rolled by.  Well, last July, Josh and Monique got things going again...And March 25 we had the latest case.  :-)  My lovely sister, Anna, married our super new brother-in-law Austin.

We were greatly blessed to have the WHOLE family there!  All, nine siblings, five spouses, ten grand-kids and Mom and Dad!!!  Here's a few pictures from our time... just shots from my phone, nothing fancy, but snippets of a very special time!!!

Tirzah and Uncle Josh

Cousins Jude and Ranan 

 Uncle Stephen and Wyatt

 Hil and Ittai having fun with Uncle Caleb

 Me and the lovely bride-to-be

 Melissa and I

 The Couple! A and A!

 Talking with Uncle Randy at the rehearsal dinner.

Grandpa, Ranan and Uncle Caleb!


 Watching a show with Nolan!

 Holding Aunt Anna's bouquet

 Me with my lovely sisters, Melissa and Amy

Donuts with a bunch of the crew

Drawing time!

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