Thursday, April 20, 2017

These People

 Man, these little people in my life.  I love them.  They are SUCH blessings.  The never ending stream of work to care for, love, train and clean up after them can be overwhelming.  But, oh boy, they bring so much blessing and happiness!  God was so good to give them to us!

There's this Ittai fellow for instance.  He tickles us pink with his MAJOR artistic bent.  He draws and draws and draws and draws and.... "Mom, can I have another paper?".  He draws pictures of Bible stories.  There've been times when we've shared a Bible story and he says "I'm gonna draw that!"  And he does.  His favorite story by far is David and Goliath and I don't know HOW may pictures he has drawn of that WONDERFUL account. May he trust the Lord with all his heart, much like David!

And he comes up with tons of other things to draw too.  It's never ending.  And we LOVE it. 

He also loves music.  Right now he requests Big Daddy Weave a lot.  And the song "Come Sit Down" is a song of theirs that is a new favorite of his.  You would think a little guy would gravitate to the most rambunctious songs... and he does like some of those.  It makes the fact that he likes "Come Here it is on You Tube: Click Here

And the confessions of a four year old are great!  The other day while arriving home from being out and about he randomly says to me "I TRY to like good animals, but I like bad ones."  What kinds?  "Lions and sharks..." So, we talked a little about the fact that God compares Himself to a Lion.  He is the Lion of Judah.  So if lions were bad, God wouldn't compare Himself to them.  So it's ok to like lions!!!  The first photo above shows him with his beloved lions.

 And here's the little man with his dog, which is very special to him, made by his great-grandma for him! 

And here's my other two precious boys.  They'll need their own posts on a different day.  Here Ranan was getting a ride in the baby doll stroller.  :-)

And here's a cowboy and Indian.  The faces are priceless.
This was heart warming scene one day a while back.  On their own, the four big kids ended up on one of the beds together.  Hil was reading loudly from a Dick and Jane and the others weren't paying too much attention as they looked at their own Dick and Jane, and Clara read some of it to them. 

And our fun Daddy suggested I take the kids to a petting zoo the other day, so we did!  Here's three of 'em at the play area. 

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