Monday, July 14, 2008

And The Answer Is...

In the previous post I issued a challenge and some brave souls made some guesses! Two of the guesses agreed with each other and one did not... so at least one person is wrong. Tragic. The only difference of opinion seemed to be who the mystery girl standing beside me was. Aunt Barb, Aunt Sue and Faith say it's Melissa. Corinne says it's Amy. Well, I shall keep you waiting no longer! Drum roll please! It was............. Melissa!!! So, provided I have this right myself, the answer is: Randy, Dad, David, Caleb, Melissa, Me, Stephen and Josh.

So, "Congratulations" to Aunt Barb, Aunt Sue and Faith! You have earned a free stay in our guest room! :-) Corinne, you were soooo close but so far! However, because you got a majority of the answer correct we can work out some kind of deal for your next visit. :-)

Thanks for taking the challenge everyone! That was fun!

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