Tuesday, July 8, 2008

More Pictures From The Family Visit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A bunch of us went on the roof on Fourth of July to watch for some F16s doing an event fly over...we saw them! Ok, I have a special challenge for any of you who know my family...who is in the picture...in the right order!!! If you can figure it out, leave a comment! If you get it right...you can stay in our guest room for free when you come for a visit!!! :-) Hee hee!

Time with Grandma!

Fourth of July...Clara managed to mess up both her little Fourth of July outfit and my shirt...at two different times!

"If Looks Could Kill..." Blow this one up and check out the look Clara has on her little face!

"Wearing Auntie Amy's Dr. Pepper Hat At Grand Canyon"

"Hanging out with my Grandpa"

Miss Blue Eyes

"Playing with my Uncles and Aunts"

"I may be a big girl, but Grandpa's hand kind of makes me look small!!!" Note to Auntie Sarah: "See! I've been been using those pretty burp cloths you sent me a bunch!!! Mommy and I say thank you again!!!"


In the Mix said...

Oh my goodness... she is too sweet (except for that pic at the Grand Canyon, that is quite a scowl).
Glad to see you're getting some use out of the burp clothes. Thanks for the photos!

Anonymous said...

Gracie,Stephen,and Josh.
Hope you're having a great day.
Miss you Guys.
Faithie Keulen

Anonymous said...

OK...here I go....I'm going to guess who is one the roof...(but can I still stay at your house if I get it wrong?!!!)Randy, your Dad, David, Caleb, Amy, you, Stephen, Josh.
I love all the photos you have been posting!

Stephen and Gracie said...

Stay tuned! I'll post the answer soon!

Stephen and Gracie said...

My Aunt Barb and Aunt Sue, who used to baby sit me growing up, sent a guess through my Mom... and here it is: Randy, Scott, David, Caleb, Melissa, Gracie, Stephen, and Joshua. Thanks a bunch for guessing and checking out the blog! Hopefully, one day soon, we can introduce you to our little package!