Saturday, May 2, 2009

Feeling Icky.

Well, Miss Clara came down a couple days ago with what is seeming to be her monthly illness! This time she had VERY runny nose, some coughing and a fever. And on top of it she's been cutting two more teeth! Today, Mommy and Daddy have been feeling a little bit icky too! We've been downing the Airborne and using Zicam... hopefully we won't really come down with anything.

We did have a relatively nice day though... how could it not be with Daddy home all day???!!!! Clara didn't think sleeping in was a nice idea. Oh well. We had yummy breakfast buritoes. And we did some things around the house. Stephen has been preparing to speak tomorrow. He also did the BIG job of mowing the front and back yard... and trust me, it's a BIG job, that in this climate, must be done quite often!!! I did a little garden watering, but then it rained so that was pretty pointless! I was also able to do some more transplanting. So, the last of the spinach, basil and tomato sprouts are planted!!! I also got back to work on my wedding scrapbook, which I had started long ago and never finished. I know. My wedding was over 2 years ago and that's pathetic to still not have finished the scrapbook. What can I say? The truth is the truth. :-)

We got to go out and about a bit and take my bridesmaid dress to get altered! I'm so excited about getting to be in my friend Corinne's wedding end of this month! A huge congratulations Corinne and Grant! We also did a little walking around checking out the shops in that area... they seem cuter when you were just driving by them. :-)

Well, there you have it. Bits and pieces of our day. :-)

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Momma M said...

Scrapbooking-- congratulations on working on it. My dilemna is how to get thirty-one years of pictures and memory stuff into a form that 4 kids and their families will appreciate. A mini-museum- that's it!