Monday, May 11, 2009

Priorities Of A Mother

I just listened to a great message on the radio, in which the speaker gave five priorities of a mother. I thought I would pass them on. I need to always be reminded of these things.

1. People Before Things (That one is easy to understand, but easy to forget!)

2. Home Before Occupation (Our family life is SOOOOO much more important then any job)

3. Spouse Before Children (Children understand that the love between Mom and Dad should be a deeper love then Mom and Dad's love for them... and they will feel soooooo much more secure if they see that love. One of the TOP things we can do for our children is love our spouses the way we ought!)

4. Spouse Before Self (What if everyone everywhere did that??? What an awesome world that would be! The way the Lord Jesus said to do things is ALWAYS BEST!)

5. Eternal Things Before Temporal Things (The only things that are going to last forever are the Word of God and people!)

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