Sunday, November 15, 2009

Learnin' and Growin'

Clara loves to mimic and try to "help", whether it's throwing trash away, or trying to sweep the floor, or unwrapping the bullion cubes (which she sometimes tries to then eat!), or putting clean silverware away. Another thing I've tried a couple times lately was putting a mixing bowl on the floor and letting her "help" stir. The first time it was pumpkin pie filling. She enjoyed the experience and even tried to go fishing in it with her hand... I think it may have been the interesting looking egg yolks that she was after! The second mixing experience was bread dough, and she thought that was fun too. She also loves to eat bread dough. Here she is with spoon after her mixing job.

Clara likes to sit on the bed and do her hair and make-up while Mommy is doing hers. Gotta love the do!!! :-)

Another cute stunt she's been trying lately is deodorant! Generally, I think the lid doesn't even have to be off. She lifts up the front of her shirt and tries to apply it to her chunky tummy!!! :-)

I had been steering clear of play dough thinking Clara would probably just try to eat it. However, a few months ago, a friend let Clara play with some and she did great! So earlier in the week I finally made a batch! Clara had a grand old time with it! The recipe I used was ok, but not like the stuff I remember from growing up... so, I need to get Mom's recipe! But, fun times were had anyway!

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Jess said...

I make edible peanut butter playdoh if you want the recipe:)