Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We Love You, Little Girl!

This is the adorable little sight I was treated to today, part way through the morning. It appears to be diaper cream... again. I was looking around for the tube after seeing that she got into it, but wasn't finding it right away. Later on I discovered it exactly where it belongs with the lid even snapped shut!!!

Bath time sweetness, from a couple nights ago.

This was taken last night. I was doing a little laundry and Clara got one of my maternity shirts on around her middle, so I helped her put it on the rest of the way... that's what the red and white thing is. And the "gorgeous" hair style is self-inflicted! Gotta love it!

I've been needing to jot this story down for awhile now... both to share it and also so that we will have a reminder of it in years to come. About a month or so ago we were at chapel one day and I was standing holding Clara. As we stood there, a happy little "mob" of kids went by us. It was a kid sandwich. In the middle was a little four year old girl who is a friend of ours. Sandwiching her on either side were two little boys who were visiting her family. They were 2 years old and 5 years old. Well, this little sandwich of three kidos went stumbling by us laughing and yelling and having a great, happy time. As they went by Clara gave a little scream. I let her down and she went hurrying after them. As she caught up she gave another, perturbed sounding scream and shoved the 5 year old boy!!! Of course, being 16 or 17 months, you can't ask her what she was thinking, but Stephen and I think she may have been concerned that someone was being hurt and she was rushing to the rescue. Who cares that they were all bigger then her! Of course, there will definitely be some training needed in the area of how to best intervene in a given situation, and she likely had NO idea what repercussions COULD have come back on her for doing such a thing!!! However, if she truly was thinking that she was rushing to help someone, we were so pleased that she would take action! We love you, you brave little girl! Pity the person that might one day try to pick on one of your younger siblings! :-)

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