Friday, November 13, 2009

Update and a Question

This is an official video update. Patience fans. We have been trying, thus far unsuccessfully to upload a video. I finally sat down the other day and figured out how to change the setting on the camera, so that it would record video compatible with the computer. However, when it comes to uploading it to the blog, I have a problem. Sarah, I was wondering if you could tell me how long it normally takes your computer to upload a video to your blog? When I try it says it's uploading but it sits there going on and on and on and I'm not sure it's really making progress. Anyone have any input?


q-pig said...

I'm not Sarah, but when I upload a 3 min video to youtube, it takes about 30 mins to an in my experience it takes a while.

Looking forward to some videos. Good luck!

Stephen and Gracie said...

Thanks for the input!!! Part the problem seems to be that are videos are WAY too large... need to figure out how to reduce the size some more.