Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Labors of Spring

Well, to start off this post on projects around here we'll start with this picture of a precious little load of laundry I did recently. It's now folded and sitting as you see it, on a shelf in Clara's room, waiting for the arrival of our little Blessing! As you can see, there's a little girl stack and a little boy stack. There are some people with some very definite opinions as to which one we'll be needing. :-)

In the last several days we've had some very enjoyable times of working out side together in the beautiful weather. Stephen's main focus has been the chicken pen and coop and mine has been getting a garden put in. He's quite a bit nearer being done then I am!

This little lady has given us many smiles as we've been working with her cute antics... and she's added her share of challenges too! :-) These next several shots are from Saturday, when we got a fair amount done and a little lady got soooooo dirty!

And here is Daddy and part of the chicken coop he's been doing a fabulous job of building.

Mommy, little Blessing at 8 1/2 months, and the newly planted tomato sprouts. We sprouted some tomatoes from seed, and hopefully, at least some will survive. We'll probably also try to get a couple established plants in different varieties from the store.

The chicken pen looking good! Way to go Daddy!

And another shot of the sweet, rascally, grubby little lady!

Yesterday, more work was done together, in the beautiful outdoors. Here's more chicken coop progress. Stephen says that at one point, Clara was using the tape measure and making lots of pencil marks, just like Daddy! :-)

Near the end of the evening our "little chicken" had fun testing out the nesting boxes! I love these shots!!! :-)

Spring is a wonderful time! Enjoying it together makes it even better! Thanks You, Lord Jesus for this beautiful time and for my precious little family!


Laurel said...

The coop and garden are looking great. I'm impressed that you're planting tomatoes and gardening so actively right now. All my tough garden work is being done by Jonathan and the Blessings this year. Though Jonathan warned me yesterday I have about 2 more months to be "lazy." :-)

In the Mix said...

Lookin' good, momma!
Thanks for the pictures. I love pictures of grubby kids helping outside. It's as it should be. :)
Praying for you as the time quickly approaches for #2. Yay!

Momma M said...

Yes, we are praying for you too. Now I need to get to the planning stage on when I can come to help with chores and read to Miss Clara, yet also giving you time as a family after Gramma Elaine's turn.

Scott said...

I think you just need the blanket pile on the right! (Save the other pile for another time!!)

Love you,

Grandpa F.