Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Walk, Waddle and Wide

Walk, waddle and wide is what happens here when Mom, Clara and I go walking. Mom walks. I waddle. Clara wides (rides) in the stroller. :-) We thought we were so clever and funny coming up with that one! :-)

So, up-date time on what's going on around here. We're enjoying Grandma's visit, which thankfully gets to last as long as it takes for baby to come and me to get somewhat back on my feet!!! The waiting game has begun.

I had a check up today with two of my midwife's apprentices, and that went very well. The baby was in a fairly good position and moving and had a good heartbeat: 140. And I checked out well too. So, we're very blessed and will continue to wait and pray that baby will come in the right timing and all will go well.

Aunt Janette's visit was short and sweet. We picked her up on Tuesday and she left Thursday, but we were still able to get in some good chatting time, sight seeing and treat times... like stopping to pick up ice cream bars one day and Starbucks the next... some very immature choices can be made when four ladies are out and about! We also got to pick up Chipolte one day and take it to Stephen's work and have lunch all together, which was fun!

One of our outings was to the beach and here are a couple shots.

And here are some shots from around here during this last week and a half:

Horse ride with Daddy!

Ice cream session! I had accidently ended up with a serving spoon to eat off of, which inspired the picture taking session... you know "nine month pregnant lady, eating ice cream, of all things, off a serving spoon". Oh yes, and that day, Sunday the 25th was my due date, so we are now +2 days.

Grandma and Claires! They've become good buddies so fast! Stephen and I were even able to go out on a date last night! What a treat it was! Clara only cried for a minute as we were starting to leave and then was fine and happy the whole time!

Fun pictures from a little over a week ago of Clara with our neighbor's cat, Smokey. Clara greatly enjoys Smokey and seems to think she has authority and can order the poor cat around. You should hear the very bossy yelling that goes on as she calls and motions for the cat to come! Of course, the cat pretty much ignores the situation or just leaves.

Clara's Uncle Caleb was asking about the chickens the other day... so this is an up-date pictures particularly for you, Caleb! The chickens are doing well and growing fast! The kind of different looking one over on the right hand side of the picture is the turkey. Stephen is almost done with the coop. I need to take some up-date pictures of that and post them!


Marilena said...

Thanks for the update Gracie!! You look so great! Please let us know when your little one arrives. Have Stephen call us. I'll be praying for you.

Momma M said...

A wide fow some ice scweam... now you've got me doing it! The Chipoltle sounded fun and yummy.

Jess said...

Looking forward to your birth story and photos!