Saturday, May 1, 2010

Two In May For Gracie May!

Well, folks, it would appear that our second born is going to join Clara in having May as their birthday month! Rather a fun thing, given my middle name! :-) My Mom was the one to pick up on that first, I believe. :-) How close those two birthdays will be to each other is yet to be determined, however.

Sometimes the Braxton Hicks seem a little different and I think "tonight may be the night"... and then it's not. So, on we go with another day. :-) I'm doing ok, though I seem to have a pinched nerve or something, and walking has become awkward and uncomfortable, though definitely not too bad. Sometimes, other movements, such as picking Clara up, can hurt too. But I have soooooo little to complain about compared to so many others.

Here are some fun pictures from a few nights ago. I got the idea I wanted to make cookies and freeze most of the dough... "nesting instinct", some might say. I would say it was more like "sugar instinct", with some "prep for when I don't feel like doing this instinct" as well as "prep for company instinct". :-) Anyway, Grandma, Clara and I worked as a team, which was great and we did a double batch of Snicker-doodles and another double batch of Date Pinwheels.

Pictures from along the way:

Grandma and Clara working on Snicker-doodles! Grandma was sooooooo patient, working with the little girl, teaching her to roll the cookies in the cinnamon sugar, and reminding her over and over and over to be gentle and not squish them, and rescuing and fixing those that were squished. Yay, for patient, loving, godly Grandmas!!!!

Nine months!

Clara and I working on date pinwheels.

Goofy, goofy!!!!


Momma M said...

Now I can picture Clara rolling cookies up her tummy.

q-pig said...

I made snickerdoodles this weekend too! Can't wait to see you all soon!

Anonymous said...

Such cute pictures! I LOVE the laughing one =)

Praying for you Gracie...hope he/she comes quickly and easily!!!