Monday, May 31, 2010

A Huge Blessing And A Guessing Game

We were so very blessed today! Our very good friends from the chapel hosted a Memorial Day picnic today at their home, which doubled as a baby shower for Hilkiah! We had such a wonderful time, eating delicious food, enjoying the company of a whole group of wonderful friends both from our chapel and another one in the area, and being showered with very generous gifts for our little guy! The Lord Jesus has richly blessed us through the believers here!

That was this afternoon. This morning, an event of a TOTALLY different nature took place at our house. The picture below is of the very appropriate shirt Stephen chose to wear for said event. So, who can be the first person to leave a comment with the correct guess of what this event was??!!! Take a good look at the shirt and happy guessing! :-)

And before I go, a few cute pictures from the last few days. As you can see, Clara's been getting into posing for pictures! :-)

Don't forget to leave your guess about the event of the morning!


In the Mix said...

Did you butcher your chickens?
Yay for the surprise shower! What a great community you guys are in.

Scott said...

You slaughtered your broilers?

Momma M said...

Are they bigger than Cornish hens?