Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Two Munchkins Today

The little fellow, looking so cute and happy! Oh, and while I'm thinking of it... Jess had asked in a comment if Hil was a red head. He definitely seems to have some red. This picture makes him look really red! He's kind of a brown/blonde/red mix. It will be interesting to see what happens as he gets older. Clara's hair started out much darker then Hil's.

And on a totally different note... the poor girl was left to entertain herself too much today as Mommy did this, that and the other thing. And the following picture is the result of one of those entertain-yourself-sessions.

It had been too quiet for too long... and this is what I found. A little girl had gotten into Mommy's make-up and given herself a makeover. She had applied lipstick and mascara by the time she was discovered. I had to turn my back and smother the humor of it. And yes, she did get in trouble... but I also had to snap some pictures.

I'm thankful she didn't damage her eyes in the process! And tomorrow... I need to give her more focused attention! Oh, and is that REALLY what I look like after a make-up session???!!!! :-)

More funny / cute pictures from today.


Laurel said...

They are both so very cute!

Momma M said...

You are getting the sweetest candids of your fam, Gracie. Thank you again.