Saturday, July 17, 2010

This and That

Cute one of Hil anyway! :-) I think Clara may be "taking a picture of me" with her phone! :-)

I've been meaning to get Clara a piggy-bank for quite some time now... but the other day, an idea came to me. Why not just make a simple one? It would do the job and would give me a little project to do with her (I struggle with coming up with creative projects/activities to do with her). So, I found an empty yogurt container in the recycle can, cleaned it out, penciled her name on some paper, let her decorate it, cut a whole in the lid, and covered the container with her art... and there ya have it... a piggy bank!

Absolute, Total, No-questions-asked, Complete, 100% Preciousness!!!

And some cute Clara-isms: When she sees a mail truck she sings out "E-mail!" There have been a couple times lately when I have disciplined or talked sternly to her and she has popped out with "I wuv ew" afterwards. :-) Awwwww. Talk about melting a Mommy's heart! And she's taken to saying "Good man" to her Daddy (and it also sounded like she was saying it to me:-)). Sometimes when she's enjoying the food she'll say "Good Mommy." Makes a mommy's day! And I love the "Wow. Cool." that she occasionally pops out with!

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