Thursday, July 1, 2010

May We Recommend...

I've been on something of a "new recipe" kick lately... though I guess cooking and baking is a hobby of mine and I'm often on that kick. :-) Anyway, plenty of the time the results are ok, but not something you really enjoy. But sometimes you come across something yummy! Here are a few "winners" from lately.

I've been enjoying my Eating Well magazine and this Peach Custard Pie is one of the recipes from the latest issue that I tried. Stephen REALLY liked this and said it made it on to the "make-it-again" list! :-) If you read over the recipe, it may look complicated and time consuming. But I'll tell you a secret. I think a big chunk of that is making the crust, which is probably a fabulous crust and much more healthy then the normal pie crust. However, if you want to do a faster version you can do just a regular pastry crust recipe. That's what I did and it worked out fine.

My dear hubby, who isn't a big chocolate guy was actually bragging about these Chocolate Ricotta Muffins! Fresh out of the oven, they were sooooo yummy! They had this chewy texture, and combined with the ewwwy gooey chocolate chips... mmmmm good! And if you can't get rid of all of them while they're hot out of the oven, warm the leftovers up in the microwave and put a big scoop of cool whip on top! :-)

Got to run for now... but I shall try to return soon with a link to a FABULOUS Blueberry and Steak Salad!!!

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Laurel said...

Thanks for passing those eon. Sounds yummy!