Thursday, September 23, 2010

Now That's A Mouth Full!

Claires popped out a rather long sentence today... of course, it was a sentence of instructing little brother to behave himself!

We were getting ready to make granola and she had pulled out the oatmeal (pronounced something like "e-mail"). We had it sitting up on the counter. I was holding Kiah and Claires was standing on a chair, when out comes this very "big sisterly" type admonition.

"N-touch e-mail Ki-boy. K?" Translation: "Don't touch oatmeal Ki-boy. K?" :-) Gotta love it.

Speaking of granola, I did one of the simplest versions of granola ever today... and once I've tried a bowl of it, I'll have to give a report on the results. It contains simply: oatmeal, flaxseed, almonds, raisin, craisins, olive oil and honey... and that's it! Super simple... and healthy!


Momma M said...

"Ki-boy"'s too much!

Ham said...

That sentence also has a bit of a rhythm to it. You might be raising a rapper!