Monday, September 6, 2010

One At Four

Made a discovery today. Our little fella has a baby white ivory that has popped through! He's growing so quickly! Four months already and the first tooth already coming in! Solid foods, here we come!!! :-) He'd been doing a lot of chewing on his hands and drooling all over the place... but very thankfully, hadn't been too fussy! May the others come in just as easily!!! :-)

In other news, we got home this evening from an enjoyable trip up north to visit relatives! What a treat! My second cousin, Grace, and her husband kindly invited us up for the holiday weekend, and showered us with kind hospitality! Clara had a great time getting to play with their girls and we were able to get to know Grace and Josh more, as well as visit with other relatives! What a blessing to have such dear family!

And a first tooth is not Kiah-man's only new thing these days. About a week ago he made the transition from pink bassinet, to the crib, which has taken on a new look! Much more manly then that hand-me-down bassinet from Sissy! The kidos are now sharing a room, and so far, the transition has gone fairly smothly! What a blessing!!!

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Laurel said...

Go, Hilkiah! We've never had teeth that early, but Andrew is chewing and drooling like crazy as well. We'll see if that means he's just going to drool for 3-5 more months, or if he's going to set a record. :-)
Love the picture of Kiah in his new crib (and the sweet onesie). Such a sweetie!