Saturday, November 13, 2010

Here are some LONG overdue pictures from the currently West Coast part of the family. Enjoy! Thanks to "Aunt" Melly... these are all ones she had already down loaded.

And yep folks, all those official announcements my dear hubby made are true.

My brother David is a happy man! I'm happy too! And I think they will make a super couple! Welcome to the family, Amity!

Hil truly is sitting on his own and is continuing to be a happy, content little sweetie. Seems to enjoy his new skill!

And yes, Lord willing, we are going to be embarking on an adventure to a new part of the country! We will miss our dear Virginia friends, but are thankful for the new opportunity!

Learning to play video games with Aunt Amy!

Treating the world to a rousing "reading"!

New Friends!

... and I wonder why they call her "The monitor junkie"! :-)

Good Job, Uncle Caleb!

And Stephen, Honey, I enjoyed your last post!

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