Thursday, November 25, 2010

Security Checkpoints and Thanksgiving

This is Stephen -

I promised some friends that I would post about my airport security experiences this trip. I had been "wanded" and then "patted down" about 4 weeks ago according to the new standards. I have been patted down by Marines and Israeli security before, been fine. This last "pat down" made me feel violated. It was sexual assault.

The short story about this last time was that I passed through without any additional searching. There was no naked scanner at this airport, so the only recourse if you need additional searching is the groping procedure. I have heard from 2 good sources that as long as you don't trip the metal detector, you will have a greatly reduced chance of getting groped. So I took off all the metal I could, even things I normally keep on like my glasses and wedding ring (sorry My Love!).

You could still get randomly snagged, but the chances are reduced. The rest of the trip I was pretty sick and have been recovering.

We can still be thankful for the air travel we have, the peace we enjoy (compare this country to any muslim country), and the professional law enforcement officers that are on duty.

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Momma M said...

Thank you for letting us know, and may we have some California Thanksgiving pictures when you have time?