Sunday, November 27, 2011

Part 2 of Randy and Raechel's Wedding

LOVE THIS ONE!  Flower girl and bride on the big day!  

Couple with the groomsmen.  Picture time after the wedding.  

 Randy and Raechel with Raechel's little sister, Abigail, and Clara and Hil

 Four sisters: Anna, Amy, Melissa and me.  We now have three sisters-in-love as well, so there are really SEVEN of us sisters!!!!  I'd love to have a picture of the seven of us!

What a GREAT uncle!  Fun times during clean-up after the wedding.

Clara and Uncle Caleb!

Aunt Melissa and Hil!  As you can see from the pictures, their uncles and aunts invested soooo much time in Clar and Hil during the short visit!  It meant FUN times for the kidos AND a break for Momma and Daddy!  :-)

The wedding was so lovely and visit with the family, such a wonderful treat!  It went so fast, but pictures and memories are such a blessing!  Thank You, Lord!


Joshua and Stephanie said...

What a beautiful wedding!f

Momma M said...

Thank you! It would have been hard to wait some more for them. Glad it was a special time for you all.