Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bath Time Sweetness

Aunt Anna has been such a help!  She gave all three kidos baths this morning!  I had to share some of these adorable bath time shots!

What a precious little guy! 

 He looks so chunky in this picture! 

We had a very enjoyable outing this morning.  First of all we hit our local coffee shop for a treat!  Then we strolled around the zoo... for a small town it really is a VERY impressive one.  The kids (and Mommy :-)) were in good moods and the weather was lovely, and we had such a nice time.  Hil was in this very social mood and was talking to people and animals as well.  You should have heard all his "Hi monkey!  'N' do?"  Transilation: " Hi Monkey.  What are you doing?"  :-)

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