Monday, September 24, 2012

 Life has been full and very blessed around here. 

Mr. Ittai is growing well.  He's having more awake time and we've started seeing a few smiles during awake times... and not just those sleeping smiles.  He's a little sweetie and is just squeesable and kissable.  He hasn't proved to be the best nighttime sleeper yet... but likely that is at least partly my fault. 

"Aunt Anna" is still here and has been a HUGE help.  Today she took C and H for an outing and let me have some quiet time to work on stuff around the house.  We've also been able to have some good chats.  We're gonna miss her when she goes!  Thankfully, we still have over a week and a half!

Stephen has been busy with work, studying for a big engineering test, studying for speaking at church and projects around the house.  And speaking of the "around the house projects" he sure is a talented man!  In the last few months, among other things, he has built us a bed, refinsh a desk and started work on both a chicken coop and a bunk bed for C and H!  I'll have get pictures of some of his handy work!

And speaking of chicken... we are expecting 30 baby chicks to arrive in the mail this week, Lord willing.  We've ordered 20 layers and 10 meat chickens.  The beginning of our little "homestead".  :-) 

So there you have it, a little bit of this and that from our lives.  The Lord is so good to us!

Here's a few pictures of a littl guy haning out with his Daddy!

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Joshua and Stephanie said...

Sounds like Ittai and Chloe are in the same growing stage...does Ittai sleep with you? That's how I sleep best when she falls asleep with me...I try putting her in a crib but you know how it is...hey you haven't put up your birth story. And aren't sisters wonderful? My sister was here last week! So wonderful!