Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Happy Due Date!

 Happy Due Date, to our newest blessing from the Lord!  TodayWAS Ittai's due date... and instead we get to mark three weeks of having him out here where we can hold him.  Happy Birthday, little man!  And thank You, Lord, for the precious little guy You have placed in our lives!


A moment with Aunt Melissa!  We were so blessed to have my little sister and Mom here for two and a half weeks.  They headed home yesterday.  What a blessing and help they were to us!


 Sitting with sister, and looking like such a big boy!

Another blessing!  Aunt Janette came and visited for a couple days!  What a treat!

Not sure yet what color those eyes are going to be.

And the other two gentlemen in the family just gave themselves some close cuts! 

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