Friday, October 26, 2012


Aaaaahhhhhh... what a lovely morning I had! Grandma M. watched all three kidos for me and I went to a local "mom and pop" coffee house, got a large Salted Carmel Latte and enjoyed two hours of reading and writing. The cheery shop was bustling and buzzing and for a while snowflakes where falling outside, but the sun also came out. I soooooo enjoyed myself! Thank you grandma and thank You, Lord for your many blessings!

Here are a couple shots from bath time several nights back.  Clara has helped out with little brother's bath twice now!  It seems like Ittai looks more grown up in pictures then in real life! 

And here is my "Mr. 100-watt-smile-man".

And no, my life is not all coffee shops and sweet bath times.  Just a bit ago one kido stumbled over backwards and sent milk splattering about.  And yesterday, we left an outing early, due to another kido that was misbehaving so much!  And that kind of stuff is just "icing on the cake" of mommy's own struggles and hang-ups!  But what a blessed lady I am to have a faithful, patient, forgiving God, three precious growing blessings from Him, a dear hubby, very helpful and caring parents-in-love, and a lovely morning outing!

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betsyann said...

What a treat! Isn't it lovely to have family in town. And what delightful family at that. I adore your MIL. :)