Friday, October 12, 2012

Ok, so it's not usually quite this bad, and they were only ALL in there until after we got up... but still....  :-)  And look!  Ittai is even smiling about it!!!

Let's put our heads together!


My lovely sister left last Friday, after a very nice visit.  Here are some memories from our time:

Lots of help around the house... rearranging stuff, painting the bathroom, staining the kids bunk bed.

Serious sister chats

Sharing smiles over something the kids had done.

Two trips to the zoo

Taking in an impressive craft fair along with a couple friends and Mom M.

Someone to give baby to at 3 in the morning

Trip across the state to a cousin's wedding


LOADS of help with the kidos and clean-up around the house

A little tea party with Clara and Mom M.


Thank you for coming, Anna!  Come again SOON!!!! 

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