Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Smokey: the Dog Cat

Rather needy, but you couldn't hardly find a nicer cat - that's Smokey for ya.  In fact, Smokey is more like a dog then a cat... she is rather amazing.  She puts up with all sorts of inconsiderate handling from little people and has only lashed out a few times.  If you could see what she endures, you'd be impressed.

When we go on walks, she trails along behind, very much like a dog.  Funny, cute and impressive.

She LOVES to be with us when we are outside and wants to be loved and petted and have plenty of attention.  She tries desperately to get in the house.

Smokey also drives poor Stephen crazy because she MUST hang out with him when he's outside working and will even try to swat at and play with nails and screws AS he is trying to drill or hammer!!!  And get this, one day he was out working while it was drizzling outside... and that CAT put up with getting WET to be with him!


And to top things off, Stephen had Ittai with him outside this weekend, and the cat proved to be a sweet little babysitter.

And the final proof that Smokey is very much like a dog: she hasn't yet caught a mouse!

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