Friday, November 30, 2012

A Habit Put Into Words, Upset Tummies and Moments

Above are a few moments to share from the last couple weeks. 

This last week has made me thankful for washers, dryers, and tubs with warm running water.  Two kidos with tummy troubles will do that to you!  :-)  I thought they were pretty much over it... but last night and this morning they proved otherwise.  Though we've had some messes to clean up, it hasn't been super serious, which is a blessing!

Also, have to share a great quote from this week.  Clara is a thumb sucker, and like the good Daddy he is, Stephen has been trying to encourage her to stop the habit.  Well several nights back he had been telling her not to put the thumb in her mouth.  After he left the room Clara complained to me "My tummy keeps telling me to."  After repeating a couple times that her tummy keeps telling her to suck her thumb she changed it with "actually my mouth".   So there you have it.  A thumb sucking habit put into words.  :-)

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