Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Smiles and a quote...


And here is a quote to share, some of which had impacted me before, and it touched me again today! 

"What then of our attitude to Satan?  This is important, for he accuses us not only before God but in our own conscience also. 'You have sinned, and you keep on sinning.  You are weak, and God can have nothing more to do with you.'  This is his argument.  And our temptation is to look within and in self-defence to try to find in ourselves, in our feelings or our behaviour, some ground for believing that Satan is wrong.  Alternatively we are tempted to admit our helplessness and, going to the other extreme, to yield to depression and despair.  Thus accusation becomes one of the greatest and most effective of Satan's weapons.  He points to our sins and seeks to charge us with them before God, and if we accept his accusations we go down immediately.
Now the reason why we so readily accept his accusations is that we are still hoping to have some righteousness of our own.  The ground of our expectation is wrong.  Satan has succeeded in making us look in he wrong direction.  Thereby he wins his point, rendering us ineffective.  But if we have learned to put no confidence in the flesh we shall not wonder if we sin, for the very nature of the flesh is to sin.  Do you understand what I mean?  It is because we have not come to appreciate our true nature and to see how helpless we are that we still have some expectation in ourselves, with the result that, when Satan comes along and accuses us, we go down under it.
God is well able to deal with our sins; but He cannot deal with a man under accusation, because such a man is not trusting in the Blood.  The Blood speaks in his favour, but he is listening instead to Satan....

Our salvation lies in looking away to the Lord Jesus and in seeing that the Blood of the Lamb has met the whole situation created by our sins and has answered it."

~ Watchman Nee  

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