Thursday, November 8, 2012

So, time for some news from this home front.

This past weekend we had a very nice visit from some friends we had met several years back.  It was so good of them to stop by on their family trip.  Much had changed in both of our families since the last time we saw each other.

And there was a surprise result of their visit.  Stephen had mentioned that he had been doing some thinking about trying to start an internship program at work.  Well, the things he was describing sounded exactly like Ravi, one of sons in this family.  So after a tour of work, some talking and considering, we now have a new "addition" to the family.  Ravi is staying with us and becoming the inaugural intern! 

Our little "homestead" is coming along.  Our friends helped Stephen put finishing touches on up the chicken coop and the layers have been moved into the new yard and coop.

My kidos keep growing and changing.  Clara makes us smile with the cute things that pop out of her mouth at times.  Here's a fun line from her praying at meal time: "Bless it for our hands and help our bodies to like it."  :-)  Sometimes, when Hil is being put down for a nap, she complains "I won't have any friends."  Too precious.  She enjoys getting down next to baby and playing with him.

Hilkiah loves going to the zoo to see "Giraffe, elephant, rhino, monkeys" and he also likes the "pauk" (park).  And agree to play ball with him and you'll have a happy boy.

Our littlest guy is such a sweet dumlin'.  He's smiling and cooing.... though at this precise moment he's complaining.  :-) 

We're blessed!

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Joshua and Stephanie said...

yes you are blessed, and we miss you guys!!!