Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Home Again

Well, we are indeed home again, after a lovely visit to my family and friends in my home town.  For four weeks we got to see people I hadn't seen in over two years, make to visits to the beach, go ice skating, meet  two dear nieces, do a little shopping, get treated to a visit to a tea house, have a girls coffee outing, be present for my Dad's, Amy's, and Josh's birthdays, eat at In-N-Out :-), and mostly just spend a lot of time with friends and family.  What treats!  The time went by quickly!  Thank to each dear family member and friend who did so much to give us an enjoyable time!

I left the charger for our camera batteries behind... so it may be a little bit before I post pictures from the visit... but Lord willing, I'll be sharing some before long!

The other day someone asked Clara about whether she was glad to be home.  She said "Yeah.  But now I miss my California family."

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Joshua and Stephanie said...

Sounds wonderful! I love in-n-out....