Monday, April 1, 2013

The trip home...

 My battery and charger are in the mail... so I'll soon be sharing pictures from the camera of our time in CA with my family.  However, for now, here are some great ones from the very end of the trip.  My dear Mom, drove us down to LA and we were reunited with my dear hubby, who we hadn't seen in four weeks!  Here are some shots of us while waiting for our train to leave for the trip home.

 A sweet lady we met who held Ty for a little while.

Following this, we had a 20-something hour trip home on the train.  The train really is a great way to travel.

We're settling in here back at "the homestead".  We have had a round of sickness going through the ranks... mostly the little people ranks.

We've enjoyed some lovely spring weather, and the bulbs are coming up!  We're also dreaming about spring planting... more on that later!

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