Wednesday, May 22, 2013

FIVE.... plus this and that

Our precious girl turned FIVE yesterday!  These years with our Clara have zipped by so quickly!  She is such a dear, energetic, sensitive, caring, helpful (at times :-)), lovely, fun, addition to our family.  We love you, sweet girl.

So, here's a bit of what Clara is like at five:

Her favorite color is pink
Yesterday, she said her favorite animal is a monkey
She's put in her "order" for a little sister
She loves to have someone to play with
We're working on some home school preschool
She likes to teach... she's done a lot of pretend cooking type "presentations"... and we got a kick out of hearing her instruct her brother on how to do a job the other day.

Like I said, we love you girl!!!

Now, here are some more recent shots from around here.

Hil's got some big shoes to fill!  :-)

Our smiley girl!

Sometimes, Ittai fights going to sleep.  The other night after he'd been fighting and struggling.  Daddy took off the warm, long sleeve shirt the little guy had been wearing and the little man calmed down and started dozing on Daddy.  So sweet.

And here's the man in action!

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Joshua and Stephanie said...

Can't believe she's five...great to see some pictures!