Wednesday, May 1, 2013

 Our Hilkiah turns three this week.  We had an early birthday celebration at lunch time today.  He wanted "toppa" (pasta), so that's what we had.  The other day, when we were seeing what he wanted to have, after getting his "toppa" order, Stephen then asked if he wanted cake or pie or ice cream cones.  His response: "toppa".  :-)  Ended up getting him to vote for ice cream cones... to be had after the toppa.

Hil has already brought such joy and fun to our lives with his boyness, his 100 watt smiles, his rambunctiousness, fun times with his sister, adorable ways of saying things, and squeezable cuteness.  We love you, boy!!!!
 In other news, this little man is eating more solids here he is with... whipped cream.  :-)

Yesterday, I was wanting to feed Ittai something, but also needing to go get Hilkiah up from his nap.  I set Clara up to feed the little guy smashed banana.  She informed me that one Momma would be getting a boy up and one Momma would be feeding another boy.  Sweet girl!  After bring big brother out to the living room, I grabbed the camera.  Of course, once Ittai saw Mom and the camera, he didn't want to stay put.

Here he comes!  

Total round faced cuteness!  :-)

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