Monday, May 6, 2013

Snow, Rocky Road, Baby Ducks...

 On Thursday, May 2nd, this is what it looked like at our house in the morning!!!

Here is a boy after a lovely afternoon out with the family on Saturday... and after sharing Mommy's Rocky Road ice cream cone!  :-)

And here are the two latest additions around here.  Cute huh?!  On that lovely Saturday outing, that I already  mentioned, we went into a local farm and home supply place... with no plan to come home with ducks... but things change.  :-)  Particularly, when a lady from our church works there and asks us to PLEASE take them.  Our chickens were pretty disturbed by the little guys, but they seem to be adjusting.  I've been concerned that the chickens would attack the little guys... but after two days, so far so good.

And now, a couple shots of Ittai cuteness!

Make sure NOT to miss Stephen's post below about his new Youtube channel!!!

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