Wednesday, October 21, 2009

All In A Day's Mothering...

... hear suspicious sounds. Go investigate. Find a little girl playing in the toilet. It's a "no-no" in this house... but apparently it's worth the risk. Which also makes it apparent that the risk factor needs to be raised.

...a little later on.... into the living room walks the same precious girl and cheerfully hands me a candle to play with, while she plays with the other. Both are candles I keep on TOP of the roll top desk in the guest room.

... on proceeds the day... I discover a little girl STANDING on a dining room chair (also a no-no, she's suppose to only SIT on them), and helping herself, by hand, to apple walnut cake.

... on we go... Mommy notices a little munchkin stomping with her tennis shoed foot on the kitchen floor. Next to the little foot Mommy notices a small dead bug.... I don't think the little girl did the job, but she appears to know the basic idea of how! Mommy thinks it's soooooo cute!

... and once again on we go... Momma turns around to see another "no-no" being committed. This time it's the major offense of activating the spout on the water filter. However, this time, instead of making a lovely puddle on the ground for Momma to clean up we have a mug perfectly positioned with one hand and are running the spout with the other. However, it's still a "no-no", so when a little girl's name is called she moves away and spills water from both the spout AND the mug.

... in the early evening it was off to swimming... where Mommy had fun watching Clara have fun and helping her "swim". Mommy was soooo proud of Clara doing such a great job with her kicking!!!

I love you, my baby Clara! You bring Mommy and Daddy so many challenges and smiles and such happy moments when it strikes us how very precious you are!!!

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In the Mix said...

That sounds about right. Maybe it's okay that you guys live so far away.
I'm pretty sure Gigi + Clara = trouble.