Monday, October 26, 2009

Lots Of Yum - Less Guilt

Recently, we subscribed to a magazine called Eating Well. It comes out every other month. The one draw back about the magazine is that it's written from a distinctly liberal perspective. However, I've got lots of enjoyment flipping through the pages, checking out healthy recipes, and interesting food and health related info.

The other day I tried two of the cookie recipes in their latest issue... and boy, were they good!!! You want to try some fabulous cookies that are healthier then a lot of other cookies out there???!!! Well, then, give these a shot! Stephen and I both really like the results! Of course, part of our enjoyment may have sprung from the fact that I tend to get stuck in a MAJOR rut when it comes to cookies, and make the same thing over and over and over.... So the fact that these cookies were just something DIFFERENT might have had something to do with it! :-)

Anyway, the first ones I tried were Fig 'n' Flax, a healthy version of Thumbprint Cookies. I think I may have liked these more then any Thumbprint Cookie I've had before!!! They were moist and soft... unlike some of their less healthy counterparts. So, ya'll give Fig 'n' Flax Thumbprint Cookies a try!!! Oh, and I didn't have fig jam sitting around the house (how many of us do?). :-) So, I used Black Raspberry and you can use most anything you like. I might try getting some fig for a future batch though.

Ok, batch number 2 was Almond Cherry Bites! Yum!!! If you like Almond flavor... give these a shot!!! Some differences in how I did it: I didn't have cherries, so I used cranberries. Also I didn't do the chocolate drizzle on top, but I'm sure that would be great!!!

Give one a shot! And enjoy!!!


In the Mix said...

These sound super yummy. I love to bake cookies but don't do it very often since I tend to eat too many of the product. I might have to try these with the kiddos.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope Anna and Amy see these!!

Grandpa F.