Friday, October 16, 2009

Auntie Quyen comes for a visit!

Last weekend, we had a very nice visit from our friend Quyen! Thanks again for coming, Quyen!!! Because we have not yet made our new camera selection, Quyen very thoughtfully sent us a CDROM of pictures from the trip! I may have to stretch these out over a time period to keep certain blog "fans" (you know who you are) happy! After Quyen arrived and we had a short stop at the house, we went off adventuring. The first adventure was checking out a BBQ place we had never been to. Quyen captured some fun shots:

Hush Puppy for Miss Big Eyes!

Hush Puppy for Daddy! Clara loves to feed other people... as you can probably see! :-)

Father - Daughter sweetness!

This girl LOVES sweet tea!!! She could probably down a whole glass by herself! She loves warm tea too... she definitely belongs to this family.

And finally.... the real food!!!! "Let me help ya with that, Daddy!"

Much more to come... later. :-)

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Anonymous said...

Such darling pictures! Thanks SO much for taking the time to post them and a huge thanks to your friend Quyen too! Mom F