Monday, June 14, 2010

Congratulations Anna!!!

My dear sister and friend, Anna, is graduating from high school today! Where does the time go???!!! Not so long ago, I was nine years old and getting to hold my first little sister for the first time! Now, she's a lovely young lady and a dear friend that I would love to live closer to!! And she's graduating, already!

If you don't know Anna, you've missed out on knowing a very special person! She likes to be authentic and not fake. She has brought me TONS of smiles and laughter with her humor and goofiness! But she can also be serious and is willing to confront people when she thinks they're wrong... she has brought conviction to my heart before! She loves babies and is super good with taking care of them! And she's also a bit crazy... she wants to go sky diving when she turns 18! :-)

We love you, Anna! Have a wonderful graduation! And we'll be praying for you as you seek the Lord Jesus' leading for your future!

Here's a couple shots from a visit back home last year:

Did I mention she's goofy? :-) Oh, yeah, I guess that IS me in the picture with her and I AM the OLDER sister! Maybe it's not totally her fault that she can be like that sometimes! :-)

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Anna said...

Thanks Gracie! LOVE the pictures!=P